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MAXX :: Backplane


MAXX nodes have a 8-signal backplane that is used to pass data and power between nodes.

All nodes implement this backplane with a 3-way and a 5-way header in each of the inside corners of the PCB on the bevel next to the enclosure's centre column.


Backplane signals

The backplane has the following signals.

BPAI — The A link input signal.

BPAO — The A link output signal.

BPBI — The B link input signal.

BPBO — The B link output signal.

VEXT — An external voltage to be used for driving high-voltage or high-current devices on an ION. This will often be connected externally to VBAT but can be connected to any appropriate external power supply.

V5V0 — A regulated 5v from the supervisor's regulator.

V3V3 — A regulated 3.3v from the supervisor's regulator. Note that the maximum total current that can be drawn from both the V5V0 and V3V3 rails is 500mA. That can be 500/0, 0/500, 250/250 or whatever combination applies to the application.

GND — Earth return signal from all IONs.


    Physical implementation    

The node backplane is normally implemented as a tiny PCB with a hole in the middle for the enclosure's centre column and four sets of backplane connectors.

The board plugs into the matching connectors on each node and the supervisor.

If a mezzanine node is used it must become the backplane as well and therefore it must incorporate the same connectors.



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